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We are Intaconnected. A next generation sustainability consultancy that helps organisations transform their negative footprint into positive impact.

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Three Pillars Framework
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Be the change our planet desperately needs

We have just 8 years to reduce global CO2 emissions by 50% if we are to avoid a catastrophic runaway state of climate change.

As the greatest source of emissions and ecosystem degradation, the private sector has a paramount role to play if we are to succeed.

Make your organisation a hero of the Green Revolution.

Impact Framework Overview
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True Impact

Our innovative sustainability framework is the result of two years of dedicated research. It enables you to understand the full spectrum of your impact on our planet and society
and take the most cost-effective action.

Reducing and offsetting your footprint(s)
  • Climate Footprint
  • Ecosystem Footprint
  • Social Footprint
Purpose, code of conduct, values and policies for:
  • Product or Service
  • Internal operations
  • External operations
Going above and beyond to become a force for good
  • Investments
  • Volunteering
  • Advocacy
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A to Z Solution

Our A to Z business transformation solution is designed to accelerate your sustainability journey and unlock the many benefits of taking genuine action.

Activate your workforce

Genuine change requires a cultural shift. Around 70% of business transformations fail because companies do not win "the hearts and minds" of their workforce. Our immersive multimedia workshops help you engage and upskill your team, whatever its size or location, and ignite the cultural momentum key to your success.

McKinsey 2020

Build or consolidate your ESG strategy

A landmark global study found that only 4% of company sustainability initiatives have succeeded. Our innovative framework seeks to solve this by helping you understand the full spectrum of your environmental and social footprint and develop a robust impact strategy that supports your business goals.

Bain & Co 2020

Connect with all the assets you need to succeed

Finding the right partners for executing your strategy can be difficult and time consuming. We have developed a global network of trusted partners specialising in a wide range of environmental and social objectives. May it be to find the best offsetting partners, a supply chain expert or a specialist consultancy, we help you build a highly reliable network and toolkit to support your every need.

Let's connect
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Support the projects key to humanity's success in the fight against climate change and the collapse of Nature's ecosystems

Environmental Protection
Nature is the number one solution. We need to drastically ramp up land and sea protection initiatives to save our last pristine ecosystems whilst securing rights for new ones.
Ecosystem Restoration
Support projects using Nature based solutions to restore degraded ecosystems around the world. For example, tree planting, kelp farms, peat bog restoration or coral nurseries.
Sustainable Development
Help communities develop sustainable systems and infrastructure, such as renewable energy grids, green transport, regenerative farming or efficient architecture. 
Science & Tech Solutions
From upgrading our infrastructure and production processes to supporting R&D in the realms of energy creation or carbon capture, innovation is key to our success.
Environmental Research
The more we understand Nature and the challenges she faces, the better we can deliver the solutions needed to help her rebalance our biosphere and climate system.
Education & Advocacy
The solutions, mostly, exist. The more people are aware of them, the faster they will take root. We need to help humanity reconnect with Nature and develop sustainable mindsets.
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Our number one objective is to make it easy, affordable and timely for any type of organisation to play their part.

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Why act?

The forces driving Change

A growing array of forces make having a credible sustainability strategy a vital business necessity.

Business risks of not taking action

Organisations that don't transition will:

  • Lose market share to responsible competitors
  • Fail to attract, retain and engage key talent
  • Be prone to negative PR and even boycott  
  • Fall prey to regulatory requirements

“There will be industries, sectors and firms that do very well during this process because they will be part of the solution. 

Companies that don’t adapt will go bankrupt without question.”

Mark Carney, former Governor, Bank of England

Benefits of taking credible action

Companies that drive genuine impact

  • Increase customer loyalty and market opportunity
  • Significantly grow brand reputation & resilience 
  • Reduce costs & increase resource productivity
  • Benefit from x4 employee engagement increase

Corporations that actively manage and plan for climate change see an 18% higher return on investment than companies that do not

Effective CSR can increase company market value by 6%

Project ROI Report

Explore our financial service solutions

Discover how we can help your organisation harness the power of sustainability.

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