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We are a mission driven consultancy that helps financial institutions develop the knowledge and the tools needed to take full advantage of the ESG revolution.

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In 2021 ESG investing was the main driver of organic growth in the financial sector.

But as demand grows so do the dangers of Greenwashing.

Driven by ever growing stakeholder expectations, Environmental, Social and Governance standards are reshaping the global economy.

How well equipped are you to thrive within this new economic paradigm?

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At Intaconnected we have developed a state of the art framework and training programme specifically designed to put your organisation at the forefront of the sustainability revolution.

And become a true #ForceForGood
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Align your portfolio ESG targets & credentials.
  • Boost chances of returns
  • Avoid stranded assets
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Integrate essential ESG training and tools.
  • Make smarter investments
  • Meet regulatory & client expectations
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Adopt a best in class sustainability strategy.
  • To attract capital & talent 
  • Secure & grow your brand 
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Be the Future

Our innovative solution is designed to maximise your results across your entire value chain.


To stand out from the crowd and attract clients, capital and the best talent you need to look the part. Our best in class sustainability framework makes it easy for you to plan, execute and communicate your entire ESG strategy.

Whatever your level of ambition or timeframe, we help you understand your complete footprint, set strong governing principles and take direct action towards solving the Environmental Crisis and key social issues.
Reducing and offsetting your footprint(s)
  • Climate Footprint
  • Nature Footprint
  • Social Footprint
Purpose, code of conduct, values and policies for:
  • Product or Service
  • Internal operations
  • External operations
Going above and beyond to become a force for good
  • Investments
  • Volunteering
  • Advocacy
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Upskill your most important assets and boost your company culture. Our 'Activation' and technical online workshops help you integrate essential non-financial knowledge and tools across your workforce, whatever it's scale or location(s). We also help you understand the regulatory horizon and the environmental, social and political dynamics reshaping the global economy.

"Intaconnected Activation is a powerful antidote to apathy, misunderstanding and inaction in sustainability. They are compelling and highly knowledgeable practitioners. Their skill lies in redrawing the often overwhelming picture of planetary challenges into an actionable map for your organization. You will leave with the latest data, science and smart thinking you need to lead on sustainability in your industry."
"I loved the emotional journey with a clear learning structure, you nailed it!"
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With only 4%* of corporate sustainability initiatives actually succeeding, it is imperative that your investees understand the key concepts at play and are supported in their effort to improve their ESG credentials. We can help you do this at a portfolio level and within each company. 

Landmark global study by Bain & Co 2020
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In safe hands

Our partnership is led by highly passionate business, finance and sustainability specialists with over a century of combined experience.

Caty Batten
Caty has 20 years of experience working in development, events, conservation and entrepreneurship. Having notably led partnerships for the Peter Jones Foundation, launched the Oxfam brand in Switzerland, and raised finance for ocean protection in Mozambique, Caty holds an extensive network of collaborators across the sustainability ecosystem. She is certified in Leading Sustainable Corporations with Said Business School (University of Oxford), Sustainability Management with Cambridge University’s CISL, and is a graduate from the University of St Andrews.
Rebecca Berlinger
Rebecca has over two decades of consultancy and asset management experience. At PwC, Rebecca designed and led employee engagement programmes for the global Academy. Rebecca is an experienced board member, mentor and advisor to regulated financial institutions and social enterprises, channeling finance for positive impact. Rebecca is co-founder at BELIEVE. and The Rocket Foundation and played a lead role at 100 Women in Finance, Switzerland. Rebecca is a chartered accountant, holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Bristol and a CAS in Sustainable Finance from the University of Zurich.
Tenke Zoltani
Tenke is a sustainable finance expert, guiding active stewardship of direct investments, to portfolio integration of ESG. Founder at Better Finance, she designs and implements impact investment solutions including the world’s first species-focused impact bond and global fund for coral reefs. As UBS Impact Investing Director, she created the UHNW client impact advisory practice. She consults governments and utilities on climate finance, has worked alongside Lord Stern, and advises Impact Finance. Tenke holds a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University, a M.Sc. in International Political Economy from LSE, and is a CAIA Charterholder for alternative finance.
Rory O'Grady
Rory is an eclectic solution designer with nearly two decades of experience working on impact projects. Following an early career in film and television production (21st Century Fox, Channel 4, TLC), he founded The World Weekly international news magazine with former FT, Time and Guardian editors. He later received a Google DNI grant to develop a theoretical framework for solving the misinformation crisis and went on to advise members of the EU and French government. He helped lead the creation of carbon reduction platforms & and, a UNICEF endorsed education platform.
Natascha Lander
Natascha has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry in London, Paris and Zurich. At UBS she led the Global Visionary Programme, scaling global industry disruptors and changemakers and was a Senior Wealth Management Advisor. Natascha developed the bank’s global Sustainable Investments scheme and ran the UBS investors Forum. As co-founder at BELIEVE., Natascha regularly speaks publicly on the topics of sustainability, climate change, the environment, consumerism, ocean health, and ESG. She is a board member and holds a Bachelor's degree from King’s College, London.
Kristina Touzenis
Kristina created the International Law Unit at the UN Agency for Migration. In that role, she built internal organization-wide policies on how to operationalize, report, and monitor impact. She also engaged with government counterparts on legislation development and review as well as with other Agencies within the UN common system, on advocacy and implementation. Before this Kristina worked in IOM in Rome and before that on children's rights in the MENA region. Over the past few years Kristina has supported private sector actors reviewing and improving their sustainability strategies and efforts around the UN Sustainable Development Goals and good governance.
Teresa Wincrantz
Teresa is a corporate, financial communications and investor relations specialist, experienced in both agency and in-house functions.She co-founded FinElk, a strategic communications advisory firm working with large European companies and financial institutions, entrepreneurs and social impact businesses on high level projects, including IPOs, M&A, reputational and crisis management. Prior to this she was Partner and co-founder of Chandos Communications, Director at Kekst CNC and Associate at Brunswick Group and has worked across Europe and the Middle East. Teresa enjoys strategic, complex client communications challenges, including finance and ESG media relations.  She has an MSc from Uppsala University and is a Board Member and Advisor.

Collaboration is in our DNA. Here are some of our main partners:

Said Business School
Cambridge University
World Economic Forum
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Our number one objective is to make it easy, affordable and timely for any type of organisation to play their part.

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Why act?

The forces driving Change

A growing array of forces make having a credible ESG strategy an essential business necessity.

Business risks of not taking action

Firms that don't adapt will:

  • Lose clients to disruptive, impact focussed competitors
  • Risk stranded assets and stock crashes
  • Be prone to Greenwashing and reputational damage
  • Fall prey to regulatory requirements and fines
  • Fail to attract, retain and engage next gen talent

In 2021, 71% of ESG funds were found not to align with even basic UN climate targets. Only 34% of so-called impact bonds met all their sustainability requirements.

As a result 76 % of wealth managers and 57% of financial advisers feel genuinely concerned about ‘Greenwashing’.

Institutions that actively manage and plan for climate change see an 18% higher return on investment than companies that do not.

ESG increases a company's market value by 6%.

Project ROI Report 2021

Benefits of credible action

Firms that integrate genuine ESG practices:

  • Increase customer loyalty and market opportunity
  • Significantly grow brand reputation & resilience 
  • Reduce costs & increase resource productivity
  • Benefit from x4 employee engagement increase
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Discover how we can help your organisation harness the power of sustainability.

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