Our mission is to help unlock the human and financial capital of the global economy to stop climate change and the destruction of Nature.

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Impact Framework Overview
Impact Framework Overview
"What each one of us does in the next few years will determine our future in the next few thousand years. It will define our legacy to all future generations."

Sir. David Attenborough
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About us

We are Intaconnected.

A next generation sustainability consultancy that is driven by a deep rooted love for Nature and humanity.

Launched in response to the general lack of clarity surrounding environmental and social responsibility, we have developed a simple, step by step Transformation Process to help organisations integrate sustainability at the very heart of their operations.
Our primary objective is to make it easy, affordable and timely for any type of organisation to play their part in the effort to save our planet and better society.

We combine best practices with cutting edge, science informed technology to help deliver true, verifiable impact in line with key international targets for climate, Nature and humanity (emissions reduction, ecosystem protection, social standards and sustainable development).

Our sustainability framework is the result of two years of dedicated research and exchanges with some of the leading organisations and thought leaders in our field.

Intaconnected is a registered social enterprise and a member of the Force for Good Coalition.
Let's Connect


Caty Batten

Co-founder, Business and Partnerships
Caty has 20 years of experience working in development, events, conservation and skills training. Having notably led partnerships for the Peter Jones Foundation, launched the Oxfam brand in Switzerland, and raised finance for ocean protection in Mozambique, Caty holds an extensive network of collaborators across the sustainability ecosystem. She is a regular panel speaker and is certified in Leading Sustainable Corporations with Said Business School, University of Oxford, Sustainability Management with Cambridge University’s CISL, and is a graduate from the University of St Andrews. Caty has empirical knowledge of corporate sustainability, ESG and positive impact creation.

Rory O'Grady

Co-founder, Product and Strategy
Rory is a multimedia solution designer with nearly two decades of experience working on impact projects. Following an early career in film and television production (21st Century Fox, Channel 4, TLC), he founded The World Weekly international news magazine with former FT, Time and Guardian editors. He later received a Google DNI grant to develop a theoretical framework for solving the misinformation crisis and went on to advise members of the EU and the French government. He co-founded and lead the creation of carbon reduction and offsetting platforms Almond.org (now Earthly.org) and before that EssentialParent.com, a UNICEF endorsed education platform.

Our partnership is made up of highly passionate business, finance and sustainability specialists.

Tenke Zoltani
Partner Consultant - ESG and Impact
Tenke is a sustainable finance expert, guiding active stewardship of direct investments, to portfolio integration of ESG. Founder at Better Finance, she designs and implements impact investment solutions including the world’s first species-focused impact bond and global fund for coral reefs. As UBS Impact Investing Director, she created the UHNW client impact advisory practice. She consults governments and utilities on climate finance, has worked alongside Lord Stern, and advises Impact Finance. Tenke holds a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University, a M.Sc. in International Political Economy from LSE, and is a CAIA Charterholder for alternative finance.
Rebecca Berlinger
Partner Consultant - Strategy, Risk and Compliance
Rebecca has over two decades of consultancy and asset management experience. At PwC, Rebecca designed and led employee engagement programmes for the global Academy. Rebecca is an experienced board member, mentor and advisor to regulated financial institutions and social enterprises, channeling finance for positive impact. Rebecca is co-founder at BELIEVE. and The Rocket Foundation and played a lead role at 100 Women in Finance, Switzerland. Rebecca is a chartered accountant, holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Bristol and a CAS in Sustainable Finance from the University of Zurich.
Debbie Wall
Partner Consultant - ESG Strategy and Cultural Transformation
Debbie has extensive experience in the design and implementation of business ESG and performance strategies, specialising in governance, social impact, employee engagement, corporate philanthropy and marketing.  She has notably led complex ESG initiatives at Aston Martin Formula One Team, the A Team (with Richard Branson) and FTSE 100 company Sage where she set up the widely respected Sage Foundation. Debbie has also led significant global transformation projects for companies such as Virgin Management, Orange Mobile and Tata Communications. She is passionate about responsible business and believes that focusing on Planet, People and Profit are key to effective leadership and business success.
Kristina Touzenis
Partner Consultant - Human rights, SDGs and good governance
Kristina created the International Law Unit at the UN Agency for Migration. In that role, she built internal organization-wide policies on how to operationalize, report, and monitor impact. She also engaged with government counterparts on legislation development and review as well as with other Agencies within the UN common system, on advocacy and implementation. Before this Kristina worked in IOM in Rome and before that on children's rights in the MENA region. Over the past few years Kristina has supported private sector actors reviewing and improving their sustainability strategies and efforts around the UN Sustainable Development Goals and good governance.
Teresa Wincrantz
Partner Consultant - Financial Strategic Communication
Teresa is a corporate, financial communications and investor relations specialist, experienced in both agency and in-house functions.She co-founded FinElk, a strategic communications advisory firm working with large European companies and financial institutions, entrepreneurs and social impact businesses on high level projects, including IPOs, M&A, reputational and crisis management. Prior to this she was Partner and co-founder of Chandos Communications, Director at Kekst CNC and Associate at Brunswick Group and has worked across Europe and the Middle East. Teresa enjoys strategic, complex client communications challenges, including finance and ESG media relations.  She has an MSc from Uppsala University and is a Board Member and Advisor.
Nik Gowing
Partner Consultant - Senior stakeholder coach and  moderator
Nik is founder and co-author of the Thinking the Unthinkable (TTU) project. He was a main news presenter for the BBC World News (1996-2014), presenting The Hub, BBC World Debates and Dateline London. For 18 years he worked at ITN as bureau chief in Rome and Warsaw, and diplomatic editor for Channel Four News. He has been a member of the councils of Chatham House, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), Overseas Development Institute; board of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy; and advisory council at Wilton Park. Nik was appointed a visiting professor at Kings College, London and at Nanyang University, Singapore. He was awarded honorary doctorates by Exeter University and Bristol University. He is also a Distinguished Fellow at the RUSI.
Chris Langdon
Partner Consultant - Creative strategist & leadership coach
Chris is co-author of Thinking the Unthinkable and Director of Think Unthinkable Ltd. He is also Founder-Director of Reconciliation Through Film, a charity being established to develop
new ways of using communications to help conflict resolution. From 2010-2014, Chris was Managing Director of the Oxford Research Group (ORG). He has worked extensively on facilitating political reform in SE Europe. He directed the Communicating Europe Programme for the European Stability Initiative. As Associate Director of the Wilton Park Conference Centre, Chris chaired over 50 high-level conferences. Chris began his career as a TV producer and scriptwriter for BBC News, ITN and APTN. He has directed two documentaries and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA)
Shane Herath
Partner Consultant - Net Zero Digital Infrastructure
Shane is the Chair of Eco-Friendly Web Alliance. His objective is to transform the lives of people through sustainable and responsible innovation, resulting in  positive, meaningful impact on both people and the environment. Shane has been working on a framework for carbon reduction and energy efficiency in digital infrastructure and speaks on this new discipline in various forums. Shane is a member of the British Computer Society, Tech London Advocate, and a passionate Ambassador for sustainable innovation. Shane is also the founder of London Inc, a sustainable innovation tech ecosystem.

Advisory Council

Our mantra is to never stop learning. Through our passionate, professional advisory council and wider network, we strive to be ahead of trends and regulatory dynamics, and are dedicated to bringing the freshest, most impactful and relevant solutions to our clients.
Professor Richard Barker - Deputy Dean and Professor of Accounting at Said Business School, University of Oxford
An expert in corporate reporting, Richard’s research and teaching interests span financial accounting, sustainability reporting and standard-setting. He leads Oxford Saïd’s sustainable business initiatives and serves as Chair of the Expert Panel of Accounting for Sustainability, a Prince of Wales charity. Previous positions include membership of the Corporate Reporting Council (which sets UK accounting standards) and the Financial Reporting Advisory Board (which advises HM Treasury on government financial reporting). He served as Research Fellow at the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), Chair of the Audit Committee of Cambridge University Press, and Director of the Cambridge MBA and of the Oxford MBA. Richard has an undergraduate degree from Oxford and graduate degrees from Cambridge, and qualified as a chartered management accountant while working for AstraZeneca. He has been a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University Graduate School of Business and INSEAD.
Zamir Wiget - MD, Genesis Impact Ventures AG (WWF)
Through his position at Genesis, and formerly as Head of Impact Ventures at the WWF, Zamir supports conservation businesses and scales environmental Impact Ventures across the globe. Zamir grew up next to an important wildlife reserve in Kenya from which he derives a deep passion for Nature. He was an early promoter of impact investing, serving as Program Director at the Global Impact Forum. He founded the impact investment advisory Impact Angels®. Zamir began his career at the World Bank where he spent six years working on country development strategies in a dozen countries. He was an intern to President Jimmy Carter and at the United Nations and holds a bachelor's degree in History & Political Science, and a master's degree in International Affairs and Economics.
Dr. Kat Bruce - Founder Director, Nature Metrics
Kat trained as a tropical ecologist. She holds a BSc in Wildlife Biology, an MSc in Entomology, and a PhD in Molecular Ecology and is a leading expert in the use of environmental DNA for biodiversity assessment. In 2014, Kat founded NatureMetrics to put these powerful new tools into the hands of those who are tasked with measuring, monitoring and mitigating impacts on Nature. NatureMetrics now works with diverse clients and partners all around the world, providing biodiversity data at unprecedented scales to inform decision-making, drive effective conservation, and enable a new era of transparency and accountability when it comes to our impact on the natural world.
Ugo Ikokwu - Social Investment Manager, Trust for London
Ugo joined Trust for London in August 2020. Previously, he was Programme Director at The Fore, creating a unique and innovative grants implementation strategy to help the organisation increase both the reach and impact of its work empowering changemakers to improve society. Before this, he spent six years at The Social Investment Business (SIB) where he worked across several teams – Investment, Grants and Business Development. Ugo has extensive knowledge and experience of designing programs and funds that address a range of social issues. He sits on several advisory boards and is currently a Trustee of London Funders and Chair of the Alpha Grove Centre. He is a non-executive director of Do IT NOW NOW (DINN) and sits on the advisory board of YSYS. He was previously Co-Chair for volunteer chapter London+Acumen, a non-profit global venture fund.
Jess Hackett - Governance and Change Specialist
Jess is an experienced CEO, lawyer and business advisor with diverse roles across private wealth and family offices in the UK and Switzerland. She thrives on exploring, innovating and driving personal and collective change for positive impact, and is highly skilled at leading high performing teams. Jess believes in the power of collaboration and diversity to create strong and successful outcomes. Jess sits on the Audit & Risk Committee of Founders Pledge, a dynamic charity enabling a community of entrepreneurs to fund and find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. She is also an active volunteer with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, Room to Read, and Giving Women, reflecting her passion for organisations  which empower girls and women. 
Dr. Christin Forstinger - CEO, Chi Impact Capital
Dr. Christin ter Braak-Forstinger, LL.M. is the co-founder and CEO of Chi Impact Capital, an independent and female-powered Impact Fund Advisor based in Zurich, Switzerland. Christin is passionate about proactively influencing the shift towards a regenerative and deep-impact economy. Christin has a long-standing experience in the financial services and private equity sector, and a 15+ year track record in impact investing and sustainable investing. She completed her Doctoral Thesis at Harvard Law School (summa cum laude) and her Master Studies at Duke Law School. Christin is a regular author, key-note speaker and university lecturer in impact investing. Her latest book is titled “Conscious Investing”.  Privately, Christin is the co-founder and President of award-winning NGO Braveaurora, actively supporting children in North Ghana since 2009.  
Celia Francis - CEO and Business Leader
Celia Francis is an experienced, creative tech CEO who is passionate about building beautiful and easy-to-use consumer experiences. She loves to bring diverse and talented people together to form exceptional winning teams. Celia is motivated by creating products that are enjoyed by, and benefit, millions of people. Most recently, Celia was CEO of Rated People, an innovative online marketplace connecting millions of homeowners with 50,000 skilled local tradespeople across the United Kingdom - a platform which delivered £3 billion of work every year. Before Rated People, Celia served as CEO of a variety of other technology companies. She also enjoyed a tenure at IDEO, the world’s leading innovation consulting firm, working with a variety of top consumer products and services. Celia also co-chairs the H2 group in London and the female tech and media leadership group, WITSend. As a hobby Celia advises and supports companies focused on sustainable homes and natural solutions for carbon drawdown.
Danny Witter - Co-founder, Work for Good
Danny spent 25 years in the City of London, including 17 years at Deutsche Bank where he ran coverage of FTSE100 corporate clients. Danny Chaired the UK Corporate Citizenship Committee and has held non-executive directorships with a variety of leading organisations including Shakespeare’s Globe, The Microloan Foundation, Shape History and Ivy House Learning.Danny’s philanthropic work inspired him to co-found Work for Good, a platform helping small businesses donate to charities of their choice, and he is now on a mission to change the face of business giving.

Why we exist

At today's emission rates, Earth's biosphere could be in a state of collapse by the end of the century. Famines, natural disasters, mass migration and resource wars would become a common occurrence.

That is if we do nothing.

Fortunately, rising from the mists of the Covid age, a formidable evolution in human civilisation may be upon us. A new era in which, driven by existential necessity, we are likely to radically rethink our relationship with Nature and ourselves.

Directionally, the indicators are encouraging. Nearly every country has signed up to the Paris Climate Accord. The EU, US, Japan and the UK are committed to 'Net Zero' CO2 emissions by 2050 and China and India by 2060 (together they make up the majority of emissions). Civil rights action too is booming. From gender equality to financial inclusion, racial justice movements and many more - the stage is set for a fairer world for all.

Consumers, employees and investors are rallying to the call. Sustainability has now become a major factor in their decision making process.

Unfortunately, this alone will not be enough to tip the balance. Responsible for the vast majority of emissions and environmental degradation, the private sector has the lead role to play if humanity is to succeed.

The problem is that it is currently very complicated, expensive and time consuming for most organisations to take meaningful action. The majority don't even know what to do or where to start.

Yet the solutions - largely - exist.

The Intaconnected project was launched in early 2020 to explore how digital technologies and interactive storytelling could be leveraged to help companies overcome these barriers and facilitate the mass transformation needed to save our planet.
We must protect 50% of land and ocean by 2050 if Earth’s natural ecosystems are to be sustainable for human and other life forms. Currently only 15% of land and less than 10% of our oceans are protected - nature’s resources are running out.

UN Convention on Biological Diversity
Responsible for the vast majority of emissions and environmental degradation, the private sector has the lead role to play if humanity is to succeed.

The problem is that it is currently very complicated, expensive and time consuming for most organisations to take meaningful action.

Seeking to harness the full power of computational and immersive technologies, Intaconnected was created to help any type of organisations, whatever their size or location, overcome these transformational barriers.
Carbon emissions by sector

Our approach

Through its superior ability to innovate, scale, and influence consumer behaviour, we firmly believe that the private sector holds the keys to solving the environmental crisis.

Our approach is guided by six key principles:
Today's 'sustainability' sector is cloaked in obscure jargon and complex frameworks. There are few universally agreed conventions, and for the average business owner, there is a distinct lack of clarity. At Intaconnected we endeavor to assimilate and simplify the world's leading processes and frameworks into a clear, user friendly guide that covers the full spectrum of a company's impact on Nature and society.

Our Impact Framework was purposely created to measure and 'cancel' a company's true footprint across all relevant areas (carbon, social and ecosystem); help it build a more ethical and effective governance structure, and more broadly take positive action around any cause of their choosing.

A growing body of evidence shows that injecting genuine purpose into an organisation drives tangible bottom line benefits (increased competitiveness, brand resilience, employee engagement, talent retention & acquisition, etc). We are committed to helping companies unlock the full business benefits of taking positive action - internally and externally.

For companies wishing to act, the environmental and social transformation process is still largely manual, expensive and difficult to manage. Our aim is to leverage the automating and simplifying power of information technologies to develop a highly scalable solution affordable to all. A cloud based platform that enables companies to plan, execute and measure their entire strategy in the most enjoyable and user friendly way possible.

We believe in the power of collaboration - all things are interconnected. No one can win this fight alone. We seek to constantly develop, validate and improve our modus operandi and collaborate with a wide range of projects, organisations and research bodies in our field. Whatever our clients’ needs we strive to help them access the best solutions for every aspect of their strategy.

We believe in the intelligence and power of Nature. She holds all the solutions. We just need to learn from her, help her, and ultimately, let her do what is needed to reset the balance on our planet. We are committed to constantly learn from the most relevant experts, be they an acclaimed international research body or a remote forest community.
Companies need to address the full spectrum.

If we only tackle climate change through carbon reduction, we will not have protected ourselves against the gravity of biodiversity loss. And we cannot protect biodiversity if we continue to pollute and destroy ecosystems. Meanwhile, we believe it is impossible to restore our planet to full health without prioritising the wellbeing of communities.

The balance between people and Nature is a delicate one. Addressing the social issues of injustice and inequality is central to enabling environmental protection.

We help our clients identify and regulate the interdependencies between business, society and nature, to enable them to become a real force for good.

Caty Batten - Director & Co-Founder at Intaconnected

Our vision

By switching our destructive processes for sustainable ones, humanity can imagine a future where global communities, businesses and natural ecosystems - all so interdependent - enjoy resilience, security, and abundance.

Intaconnected aims to help play a role in securing this future, by convening the actors who can make it a reality. 

We champion those in the field who know what needs to be done to protect people and nature, and who are working relentlessly towards the vision for a safe, sustainable future. (Scientists. Innovators. Tree planters. Conservationists. Designers. Technologists. Communities. Educators, etc)

We will promote the organisations which help businesses improve the sustainability of their services and operations, improving their effectiveness, their balance sheets, their reputations and resilience. 

We will unlock the power of businesses, large or small, to fight for our future, to understand what needs to be done, and start doing it.

We will mobilise people, knowledge, passion and purpose and bring them together to make a truly positive impact. 

The solutions mostly exist - we simply connect the dots.

Impact Framework Overview

Our team