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Our Execute solutions help you integrate all the assets and processes you need to implement your sustainability strategy - from technical partners, employees and offsetting projects, all the way to your reporting and communications needs.

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Each Module responds to the most critical challenges companies face when implementing their sustainability strategy. They are entirely customisable to meet your specific needs.


Implementation Partners

+ Who should you work with to calculate your environmental or social footprint? What credentials and questions should you be asking of the hires or employees needed to manage it; and what tools and processes should they use?

We leverage our purposely designed partner network, industry expertise and innovative processes to help you find and integrate the most cost-effective assets for achieving all your goals.


Technical Partners

Our motto at Intaconnected, as per our name, is that it takes an ecosystem to restore an ecosystem. A concept we carry across all our activities. As 'macro architects' we firmly believe in the importance of working in tandem with independent specialist firms to produce better outcomes. We analyse your specific technical needs, budget and ambition roadmap, and we cross reference it with your existing resources and budget. We then use these specifications to identify, vet and integrate the most adapted technical partners for answering your specific needs.

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Human Resources

Sustainability specialists are amongst the most sought after recruits in the world. Finding the right people can be challenging. Particularly if you are not an expert in molecular biology or the complexities of scope 3 SBTi filings. We work with our specialist HR partners to analyse your strategy or project needs, and we help you define the right job specs. We can also help with the interviewing process (technical vetting), the integration process as well as your sustainability related employee incentive schemes or even volunteering activities.

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Whether you are looking for an ERP platform to simplify your regulatory filings, an eDNA analysis of on-site biodiversity levels or simply the right carbon accounting system, we find the perfect tools for you. Following an analysis of your needs and capacities, we cross reference all relevant solution providers to find you the best match, at the right price. Working with our specialist partners we can also help with onboarding, multi-system interoperability, workflows and staff training. We can also support you with the creation of custom software.

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Positive Impact Solutions

+ Great brands contribute to society and support the protection and restoration of Nature.

We help you design and implement your CSR programme, identify high impact offsets, and find the right philanthropy and advocacy projects for your brand.


Full Spectrum Offsetting

Yes, most carbon credits have little to no additionality. And yet 'offsetting' - or at least the act of supporting projects to compensate for one's negative impacts - is vital if we are to meet UN targets. Our innovative full spectrum offsetting solution helps you compensate for the entirety of your impacts on nature, climate and society, and support some of the most effective projects on the ground.

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5AG Impact Fund

To rebalance our climate and biosphere, by 2030, we need to restore 30% of Nature. We need to transition our global economy to emit 50% less GHG and cut all other forms of pollution. We also need to invest in research and regenerative technologies. To trigger this we need to educate and activate as many people as possible. Finally, we need to set the policies and deploy the capital needed to fund this mass transition. 5AG is a philanthropy and offsetting fund that enables you to support some of the best projects supporting this plan.

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Philanthropy & CSR

We work with you to develop and deploy vibrant CSR programmes centered around your stakeholders and brand values. Using our Good Company framework and partner network we help you develop grassroots initiates such as staff well-being seminars, community support, clean ups and NGO volunteering programmes. We can also help you choose the right charity, foundation or research partners and develop collaborative advocacy campaigns.

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Communication Support

+ Sustainability is a (long) journey. Regular stakeholder engagement helps you maintain momentum and energise your culture.

We help your teams define and deploy your sustainability narrative, impact reporting processes and produce regular events as well as engaging content.


Sustainability Narrative

Great brands speak the truth.
We help you craft an authentic science aligned sustainability narrative to present your company vision, your negative impacts, what you are doing to address them and your positive achievements. This online toolkit will be easily accessible and it can be adapted to meet the specific comms needs of different stakeholder groups. Where relevant, it can also link in with your brand or product narratives.

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Impact Reporting

If you are doing good things it is in your brand's interest to communicate about them. We help you identify the themes and impact metrics to report on, and establish the templates for presenting it in a credible way. This information can be used in your annual impact report, to complete regulatory filings, as well as your marketing and social media activities. We can also help you bring it to life with engaging multimedia productions.

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Stakeholder Engagement

If your stakeholders don’t feel you are making progress they will disengage. It is important that you reach out to them regularly with a clear and consistent message. We help you achieve this by curating a multiyear Sustainability Engagement Roadmap - a timeline of scheduled content, events and Nature reconnection activities designed to communicate your progress and inspire your ecosystem. This is also a great way of energising your company culture. 

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Positive Impact

With a focus on the five top priorities for accelerating the action needed to meet key UN targets, we have developed a ‘full spectrum’ offsetting solution and corporate philanthropy plan to help you deliver credible impact in parallel with your footprint reduction strategy (IPCC, COB, IUCN and SDG 2030 targets).

Group 1

Conservation & Restoration

Online or in-person facilitated workshop(s) & tools that help your leadership start thinking about how to respond.

Group 2

Sustainable Development

Online or in-person facilitated workshop(s) & tools that help your leadership start thinking about how to respond.

Group 3

Research & Innovation

Online or in-person facilitated workshop(s) & tools that help your leadership start thinking about how to respond.

Group 4

Education & Advocacy

Online or in-person facilitated workshop(s) & tools that help your leadership start thinking about how to respond.

Group 5

Funding & Policy

Online or in-person facilitated workshop(s) & tools that help your leadership start thinking about how to respond.

Simply share a challenge or a goal you have and we will offer you impartial advice on how to achieve it.
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