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Whether you need support to upskill your stakeholders, better assess ESG risks, or develop sustainable investment products, our innovative finance solutions are here to support you at every step of your journey.

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Net Positive Pathway v1.2

Turn obligations
into opportunity.

To remain competitive in a rapidly changing world, designing and implementing robust, meaningful ESG and sustainable investment strategies is an imperative.

We help you navigate the complexity and unlock the financial rewards of embedding true sustainability and impact in the heart of your firm.

Build Resilience

Avoid financial & reputational risks and stranded assets

Boost efficiencies & cost-savings

Meet current & upcoming policies and regulations

Unlock Opportunity

Respond to client requirements & expectations 

Attract, engage & retain top talent

Invest in the economy of the future

With you every step of the way.

Our A to Z suite of consultancy solutions helps you overcome the most critical challenges when driving, planning and implementing robust ESG and impact strategies.

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Stakeholder engagement and upskilling

Module 1

/ Leadership Engagement
Support C-Suite & board strategic thinking  


/ Stakeholder Mobilisation
Engage your employees, clients & portfolio companies


/ Technical Training
Upskill key stakeholders to meet your goals and regulation

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ESG analysis & strategic planning

Module 4

/ State of Play Analysis
Assess your in house ESG status and risk exposure 


/ Opportunity Analysis
Identify how sustainability can boost your performance


/ Strategy Design/upgrade
Create a high impact, future-proof sustainable investment strategy   

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Implementation and communications

Module 7

/ Implementation Partners
Integrate the best people, partners and tools for active stewardship


/ Positive Impact Solutions
Offsetting, philanthropy & CSR activities


/ Communications Support
Brand narrative, reporting, product marketing & events  

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Each module is a synthesis of industry best practice and our unique approach to solution design. They are delivered by our experienced, interdisciplinary consultants and combine innovative processes, tools and technologies, with a global partner network to deliver measurable results.

Embed sustainable thinking across your entire value chain.

Why work with us?


We understand ESG investment realities and its many challenges (investor preferences, data complexity, lack of resources). We work with you and for you to develop solutions that deliver the tangible KPIs needed to support your multiple objectives.

Impact centric.

Our innovative 'super framework' was designed to be the most advanced full spectrum in house sustainability strategy management tool available - and yet, be as non restrictive and easy to use as possible. No greenwashing with us.

Easy to integrate.

Whatever your size or location(s), our ability to operate entirely digitally as well as in situ means  you can include as many stakeholders as needed with less downtime and costs. We also translate the complexity to help you optimise participation.

Future proof.

We are finance, environmental, policy and business experts. We help you respond to both current and upcoming standards, trends and regulations - ensuring your investments are truly resilient, profitable, sustainable and future-proof. 

“There will be industries, sectors and firms that do very well during this process because they will be part of the solution. Companies that don’t adapt will go bankrupt without question.”

Mark Carney

Former governor Bank of Canada & Bank of England. UN Special Envoy on Climate, co-founder of Gfanz & TSVCM

Success driven.

Project example.

Intesa San Paolo acquired REYL with the aim of making it Europe’s first impact private bank. We were commissioned to help their Chief Impact Officer produce a mandatory ESG training programme for their entire workforce and develop a strong narrative around impact investing. 

System science
(Globall Context)
Shifting Market
Implications for REYL and leadership vision

Brands we work with.

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Business Solutions:

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Stakeholder engagement and upskiling

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Competitive analysis & strategic planning

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Implementation and communications

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