Our Values

As a mission driven organisation we strive to conduct our business and operations according to the following set of values:
Accountability: As individuals and a collective, we own our actions. We know our activities have an impact on those we share the planet with, and we want this impact to be positive. 

Creativity: The world doesn’t stay still and neither do we. Meeting the needs of those we serve requires flexibility, and where things can be improved, we innovate. 

Credibility: In a world of myths, we only work with legends! We strive to be the best we can be internally, and seek reputable expertise throughout our collaborations. 

Connectedness: All life is interdependent. No plant can take seed and grow without its ecosystem and neither can we. We thrive upon diverse collaborations and symbiotic partnerships. 

Curiosity: We believe in growth from listening, and understanding from questioning. Open minds free from judgement help us seek the answers to our greatest challenges. 

Effectiveness: To play our part, we must strive for excellence. We consistently focus our activities towards our end goals, linking inputs to outputs and impact. 

Happiness: We love what we do. Fulfilment through purpose unites our passionate team. But it is in the balance of work and play that we find our superpower. 

Integrity: Authenticity means trusting ourselves and being true to these values. We cannot be perfect but we will always choose to do what we believe is right, even when no one is watching. 

Respect: We remain mindful of our place in the world. It is our duty and privilege to be stewards, giving back more than we receive. For people and Nature, our kindness is unconditional.