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As a company, your super power lies within the hearts and minds of your people. Our Activate solutions are designed to help you engage your stakeholders, unlock strategic and creative ideas, and deliver the technical training needed to accelerate your goals.

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Each Module responds to the most critical human challenges companies face when addressing sustainability. They are entirely customisable to meet your specific needs.


Intaconnected Activation is a powerful antidote to apathy, misunderstanding and inaction in sustainability. They are compelling and highly knowledgeable practitioners. Their skill lies in redrawing the often overwhelming picture of planetary challenges into an actionable map for your organization. You will leave with the latest data, science and smart thinking you need to lead on sustainability in your industry.”

Zamir Wiget

Director Genesis Ventures (WWF)

Our first engagement with Intaconnected was a great experience - a very collaborative environment, a highly engaged team that was flexible to meet our needs. Their content was excellent, we had positive feedback from the markets, and praise from an engaged SLT. The project also helped us define and align our future vision for the EURAM region. 

Adrian Tantrum

Director - EURAM Strategy & Business, MSD Animal Health

I loved the emotional journey with a clear learning structure, you nailed it!”

Jonathan Hall

Managing Partner, Kantar Group

This was one of the best presentations I have seen about Sustainability.”

Fergal Morris

General Manager MSD Ireland

Leadership Support

+ Your success depends on the readiness and intelligence of your leadership.

We curate safe, discreet, virtual or in-person spaces for open dialogue about sustainability. Helping senior leaders develop the knowledge and the mindset they need to successfully navigate a rapidly changing world.


C-Suite Engagement

Our most senior partners and guest experts deliver thematic coaching series and strategic workshops to help your leadership to better understand and predict the non-financial forces reshaping your markets. We also facilitate the thinking processes needed to help you build resilience across your value chain and start exploring sustainable growth opportunities by better responding to your stakeholder needs.

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Board Engagement

At a board level, foresight is everything. Our most senior partners and guest experts facilitate discreet virtual or in person roundtables to help your board understand the bigger picture. We equip them with the horizon scanning methods they need to better understand the social, economic and geopolitical implications of the Environmental Crisis and other macro forces reshaping your industry.

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+ Cost-effective action requires the mobilisation of all your stakeholder groups.

We design and facilitate engaging online or in person workshops to help you motivate your teams, clients and partners and realise the business benefits of integrating sustainable thinking across your value chain. 


Sustainability Task Force

We help you set up and deploy an internal sustainability task force to unlock the hidden intelligence needed to support your strategy, reduce your transition costs and identify business opportunities. This is also a powerful way of demonstrating action internally - growing overall staff engagement and job happiness.

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Company Activation

Struggling to drive momentum across your teams? From one-offs to a tailored three part online series, our highly engaging (and beautiful) multimedia workshops are designed to upskill, inspire and engage your entire workforce by presenting the big picture, its impact on your industry and how your company is playing its part. Energise your company culture by showing that you care.

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Sustainable Design Thinking

Crafting the perfect strategy is one thing. Solving the great many challenges behind its implementation is a whole other. Working with our partners on the ground, we help you learn and apply ‘design thinking’ techniques to involve your teams in a company-wide research and ideation process - unearthing the solutions key to reducing your costs, achieving your goals, and even slashing staff attrition rates.

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Client Engagement

Your clients need to know that you are serious about sustainability - but what exactly do they expect from you? We conduct discreet interviews and interactive workshops to help you understand their specific needs and expectations - strengthening your relationship by building trust and transparency.

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Partner Engagement

Whether it is to meet your Scope 3 obligations or the specific ESG tendering requirements of your clients, we help you engage the suppliers and partners in your value chain to ensure a clear understanding of your mutual needs. We also facilitate collaborative brainstorming to unlock creative solutions and boost efficiencies.

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+ Implementing sustainability is complicated. Your teams need a very clear understanding of why it is important, what is needed, how to do it and with whom. 

To support your upskilling needs, we analyse your strategy and resource capacity to curate tailored education programmes fit for you.


Sustainability Fundamentals

What is the difference between Carbon Neutral, Climate Positive, Net Zero, and Net Positive? Are any to be avoided? From myth busting to clarifying confusing terminology all the way to understanding UN targets and your regulatory and legal obligations, your client-facing and internal teams alike will leave this workshop with a clear understanding of all the basics, relevant to your company.

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Non Financial Reporting

Our sustainability reporting experts help your finance team understand how the Environmental Crisis is reshaping your competitive landscape, as well as the direct material and financial risks to your operations. We break down your regulatory obligations and its practical implications and help foster effective ESG risk adjusted decision making.  

Recommended pairing:

Understanding Nature and Biodiversity

Today, more than ever, every business needs to understand what, why and how it depends upon, and impacts upon, Nature. We help relevant teams understand the macro economics of Nature and biodiversity, learn how to manage, account for and restore Nature across the value chain, and even explore why Nature is so important to us as individuals. Providing health, wealth, happiness and wellbeing.

Recommended pairing:

Understanding Sustainable Comms

Crafting credible, authentic and evidence-based sustainability communications is paramount to your brand’s credibility and security. We help your PR, editorial or marketing teams understand the ‘do’s and dont’s for best practice sustainability communication and how to integrate purpose, culture and authenticity in your overall brand messaging.

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+ Not the training you are looking for?

We can cover any sustainability themes and technical requirements either directly or through our global vetted partner network, giving you access to some of the best training in the field.

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Our approach.

Experience driven.

Our story driven content combines beautiful design with rich multimedia, interactive content and live polling to make the overall experience as engaging and informative as possible. 

We are committed to providing you with the latest data, analysis and ideas, directly from subject matter experts.  

Prof. Johan Rockstrom
Internationally recognised scientist. Co-creator of Planetary Boundaries framework. Joint director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.
Sir David King
UK Government's permanent Special Representative for Climate Change until March 2017. Founder & Chair of the Centre for Climate Repair.
Daniel Godfrey
Experienced investment professional focused on Sustainable Wealth Creation. Senior Adviser at MoneyBox

Participant metrics.

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Simply share a challenge or a goal you have and we will offer you impartial advice on how to achieve it.
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