Our Team

Our collective brings together pioneers in the field of corporate sustainability, impact and ESG. We also collaborate with a wide network of interdisciplinary, global partners to deliver the industry specific advice, content and tools companies need to start or accelerate their journey to Net Positive impact.

Lead coordinators.

We drive the development of Intaconnected's mission, ecosystem, and suite of solutions.

Caty Batten
Co-founder - Director of Business and Partnerships

Caty has 20 years of experience working in development, events, conservation and skills training. Having notably led partnerships for the Peter Jones Foundation, launched the Oxfam brand in Switzerland, and raised finance for ocean protection in Mozambique, Caty holds an extensive network of collaborators across the sustainability ecosystem. She is a regular panel speaker and is certified in Leading Sustainable Corporations with Said Business School, University of Oxford, Sustainability Management with Cambridge University’s CISL, and is a graduate from the University of St Andrews. Caty has empirical knowledge of corporate sustainability, ESG and positive impact creation.

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Rory O'Grady
Co-founder - Director of Product and Strategy

Rory is a multimedia solution designer with nearly two decades of experience working on impact projects. Following an early career in film and television production (21st Century Fox, Channel 4, TLC), he founded The World Weekly international news magazine with former FT, Time and Guardian editors. He later received a Google DNI grant to develop a theoretical framework for solving the misinformation crisis and went on to advise members of the EU and the French government. He co-founded and lead the creation of carbon reduction and offsetting platforms Almond.org (now Earthly.org) and before that EssentialParent.com, a UNICEF endorsed education platform.

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Rebecca Berlinger
Principal Consultant and Director of Operations

Rebecca has over two decades of consultancy and audit experience in finance and sustainability. She was 18 years at PwC working in Zurich, New York and London as a director in their wealth and asset management practice. Rebecca is an experienced board member, mentor and advisor to both regulated financial institutions and social enterprises. She also runs the Rocket Foundation, a Swiss non profit foundation. Rebecca is a chartered accountant, holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Bristol, a CAS in Sustainable Finance from the University of Zurich and is certified in Leading Sustainable Corporations with Said Business school, University of Oxford.

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Senior consultants.

Our senior consultants are selected upon two main criteria. 1, They have played a defining role in their area of practice. 2, They have delivered tangible real world impact. Each of them supports one or more modules across the Net Positive Pathway.

Tenke Zoltani
ESG & Impact

Tenke is a sustainable finance expert, guiding active stewardship of direct investments, to portfolio integration of ESG. Founder at Better Finance, she designs and implements impact investment solutions including the world’s first species-focused impact bond and global fund for coral reefs. As UBS Impact Investing Director, she created the UHNW client impact advisory practice. She consults governments and utilities on climate finance, has worked alongside Lord Stern, and advises Impact Finance. Tenke holds a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University, a M.Sc. in International Political Economy from LSE, and is a CAIA Charterholder for alternative finance.

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Teresa Wincrantz
Strategic Communications

Teresa is a corporate, financial communications and investor relations specialist. She co-founded FinElk, a strategic communications advisory firm working with large European companies and financial institutions, entrepreneurs and social impact businesses on high level projects, including IPOs, M&A, reputational and crisis management. Prior to this she was Partner and co-founder of Chandos Communications, Director at Kekst CNC and Associate at Brunswick Group and has worked across Europe and the Middle East. Teresa enjoys strategic, complex client communications challenges, including finance and ESG media relations.  She has an MSc from Uppsala University and is a Board Member and Advisor.

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Debbie Wall
Business Transformation & Governance

Debbie has extensive experience in the design and implementation of business ESG and performance strategies, specialising in governance, social impact, employee engagement, corporate philanthropy and marketing.  She has notably led complex ESG initiatives at Aston Martin Formula One Team, the A Team (with Richard Branson) and FTSE 100 company Sage where she set up the widely respected Sage Foundation. Debbie has also led significant global transformation projects for companies such as Virgin Management, Orange Mobile and Tata Communications. She is passionate about responsible business and believes that focusing on Planet, People and Profit are key to effective leadership and business success.

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Marisa Agrasut
Sustainability, Innovation & Design Management

As a practitioner, facilitator, and enabler, for the last 18 years, Marisa has been working with teams helping them understand, apply, and leverage tools, frameworks, and methodologies to optimize value creation. From consulting to co-creating, working with Fortune 500 companies such as Unilever, AIA, and Savills to national ministries and non/not-just-for-profits. In 2016 she co-founded The Inceptery , helping future-oriented companies embed and further the business resilience imperative into their organizations. Having led programs from research through to implementation across various industries, her experience is truly interdisciplinary. She is passionate about the power of open innovation and technology to solve everyday, real-world problems.

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Tom Bosschaert
Systemic Sustainability and Regenerative Design

With over 25 years of experience in sustainability and architecture, Tom Bosschaert is the visionary force behind Except Integrated Sustainability. Since the age of 19, he has dedicated himself to finding systemic solutions for pressing challenges. Tom's strategic acumen has been pivotal in creating projects like Orchid City, Salesforce Park, and Serenity Farms. He's the lead consultant for global brands like Heineken and IKEA, seamlessly blending science, business sense, and communication. Tom is a graduate from Delft and Yale University, with a solid educational foundation. He has also pioneered transformative ventures across the globe, including sustainable cities, innovative buildings, and forward-thinking businesses.

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Valeria Cheshko Radosavljević
Circular Economy and Sustainable Product

Valeria is a certified Circular Economy Specialist and business development professional with 15+ years of experience across several industries and disciplines. She helps organisations to understand the meaning of circularity, sustainability and regeneration, their relevance to the future of business, and methods for their implementation. Valeria also creates transition strategies for long term resilience and sustainable competitive advantage. In 2023, Valeria founded her consultancy Ecolibrium, which helps companies to implement sustainability and circularity in their business. Prior to that, Valeria worked in the field of novel technologies for by-product's valorisation and before that as an Investment Director and Country Manager in private equity and corporate advisory. Valeria holds an MSc from the London School of Economics and a BSc  from the Maastricht University. 

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Emily Chiswell
Ecopsychology & Community Facilitation

Trained in Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy, Emily is a strong and experienced communicator, connector and community facilitator, with over 20 years experience as a broadcaster and curator. Emily has a proven track record in community building, with a particular focus on the start-up community, nature-focused charitable organisations and countryside projects & estates. Her recent roles include spearheading internal community development, strategy and sustainability at a large-scale Private Estate, as well as facilitating corporate wellness days for organisations like Avon Wildlife Trust. Her versatile expertise bridges the gap between nature, community, and corporate wellness, fostering positive change and sustainable growth.

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Giulia Corinaldi
Business Transformation & Growth

Giulia is a specialist in diverse, inclusive and just economies, gender equality and human rights and an experienced business transformation & growth leader. She has a strong track-record leading teams and projects in some of the most prestigious philanthropic enterprises, such as Thomson Reuters Foundation, UNESCO, the Kering Foundation and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, of which she was the interim CEO. She has experience in collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders, including government officials, former Presidents, High Net Worth Individuals, and corporates. Giulia founded the ‘S’ in ESG Working Group with institutions like Refinitiv, White and Case, Mekong Club, ISFC, and RFK Human Rights.

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Elizabeth Corse
Climate tech, Education & Impact

A well-connected climate tech and impact business convener, Elizabeth is dedicated to fostering climate engagement among business leaders, aiming to drive climate action through workshops, talks, and presentations. With a background in technology and communications, Elizabeth excels in connecting people and providing businesses with insights into the risks and impacts of climate change while identifying opportunities for mitigation. As the London Chapter Director for Impact Hustlers, Elizabeth organises events that connect UK-based impact founders. She also hosts a local sustainability meetup, "People, Planet, Pint," in her town and champions diversity and inclusivity in tech as a volunteer Enterprise Advisor for a local girls' school.

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Nik Gowing
Senior stakeholder coaching & moderation

Nik is founder and co-author of the Thinking the Unthinkable (TTU) project. He was a main news presenter for the BBC World News (1996-2014), presenting The Hub, BBC World Debates and Dateline London. For 18 years he worked at ITN as bureau chief in Rome and Warsaw, and diplomatic editor for Channel Four News. He has been a member of the councils of Chatham House, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), Overseas Development Institute; board of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy; and advisory council at Wilton Park. Nik was appointed a visiting professor at Kings College, London and at Nanyang University, Singapore. He was awarded honorary doctorates by Exeter University and Bristol University.

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Shane Herath
Net Zero Digital Infrastructure

Shane is the Chair of Eco-Friendly Web Alliance. His objective is to transform the lives of people through sustainable and responsible innovation, resulting in  positive, meaningful impact on both people and the environment. Shane has been working on a framework for carbon reduction and energy efficiency in digital infrastructure and speaks on this new discipline in various forums. Shane is a member of the British Computer Society, Tech London Advocate, and a passionate Ambassador for sustainable innovation. Shane is also the founder of London Inc, a sustainable innovation tech ecosystem.

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Dominic Lavelle
Carbon Reduction

With over 20 years of experience in commercial, product, and strategy roles, Dominic established Go Green Experts to empower companies in their journey towards Net Zero, crafting robust strategies and execution plans. Dominic has directly guided numerous businesses in achieving remarkable reductions in carbon emissions and identifying their strategic position. Drawing upon his expertise, Dominic ensures clients align to the latest climate obligations while adeptly harnessing the benefits of Net Zero adoption. Dominic's reach extends across the UK and Europe, from medium-sized enterprises to large PLCs, including complex multinational corporations with a global footprint. Dominic is a qualified accountant with ACMA and CGMA credentials.

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Anna Itkin
Sustainable Innovation

A scientist by training, Anna stands as an analytical and critical thinker with a remarkable ability for cross-disciplinary systems thinking. Her unconventional career path and her extensive international and cross-cultural experiences provide a unique lens through which she perceives the world. Passionate about sustainable development and driven by the vision of systems change, Anna co-founded The Inceptery – a sustainability-driven innovation consultancy. Through the application of design frameworks, Anna pioneers the creation of new value streams and fuels business growth while fostering positive environmental and social impact. Her approach prioritises innovation, forging new solutions rather than deconstructing existing ones.

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Rich Mills
Regenerative Business Operations

Rich is an accounting and strategic operations specialist and founder of Raddleman, which provides management teams with strategy, innovation, ops and finance support, with a focus on novel positive impact projects.  With an interest and practical experience in Real Estate and Placemaking, Rich seeks to identify the most sustainable solutions to urban and rural development.  Previously a Senior Manager at PwC, he has 15 years’ experience in a mix of corporate and start-up roles. Rich is a Chartered Accountant and is certified in Regenerative Economics with the Capital Institute. He has featured in numerous media publications, sharing his views on topics such as rural business diversification and the future of work.

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Olivia Sibony
Systemic Change, Risk, Learning & Development

A well-connected climate tech and impact business convener, Elizabeth is dedicated to fostering climate engagement among business leaders, aiming to drive climate action through workshops, talks, and presentations. With a background in technology and communications, Elizabeth excels in connecting people and providing businesses with insights into the risks and impacts of climate change while identifying opportunities for mitigation. As the London Chapter Director for Impact Hustlers, Elizabeth organises events that connect UK-based impact founders. She also hosts a local sustainability meetup, "People, Planet, Pint," in her town and champions diversity and inclusivity in tech as a volunteer Enterprise Advisor for a local girls' school.

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Are you an independent sustainability specialist?

We are seeking highly skilled sustainability specialist that want to accelerate their impact & knowledge. That love the freedom of being independent but would also like to be part of something bigger.
If you believe that joining the Intaconnected Collective may be for you, please follow the link to learn about how we operates and all the benefits of becoming a member of our international ecosystem.
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Production team.

Our production team works with our creative network to produce powerful content, beautiful designs and the striking user experiences that make Intaconnected stand out in its space.

Solène Escleyne
Head of Design
Solene is the creative hand behind our branding and wider visual universe, bringing our visions to life in a rich and visually compelling way. She is a digital specialist in UI design, website graphics, as well as an expert in brand visualisation, logo and other graphics. She has worked for as a Design Lead for a top agency in Lyon and for international corporations such as Airbus. Based in the south of France, she is passionate about making the world a better place, enjoys travelling to new places and bringing inspiration to others through her work. 
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Matthew Percival
Head of Video Production
Matthew is our multimedia hero, working with us on our activation and training content. He is a versatile, creative and resourceful Executive Producer, Commissioning Editor, Series Producer and Film-Maker, with a proven track record of delivering engaging factual content. With a thorough understanding of the editorial, technical, legal, financial and logistical practices of multi-platform content production, across the television and digital (media) landscapes, Matthew has a personal and professional interest in sustainability and positive impact. He is also an experienced photographer specialising in portraiture and wildlife.
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Nicole Cataldo
Research Associate
Nicole recently graduated with an MBA from Oxford Saïd Business School, with a focus on systemic sustainability and ESG finance. Prior to her MBA, she worked in eCommerce at Amazon, where she led a sustainable packaging initiative spanning the EU, and at Deloitte Consulting, where she gained expertise in strategy and regulation within the financial sector.
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Anton Egorov
3D Visualisation
Anton is an artist, highly in-demand, who truly loves his work - as do we! Anton enjoys any kind of photo-real illustrations but his major passion is infographics. We work with Anton thanks to his expertise and love for delivering simple explanations of complicated things, evoking emotions and deliver clear and precise messages.Anton has worked directly with many major brands around the world including Adobe, AMD, Asus and Toyota and via advertising agencies such as DDB, Edelman, Saatchi&Saatchi and Y&R. Intaconnected is now also on his client list!
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